• About Karv Maga Supremacy

  • Krav Maga (Hebrew for close combat) is a close quarters combative defence system and originally intended for the Israel's military defence force. Imi Lichtenfeld, a pioneer in establishing Krav Maga by combination of various martial arts tactics, retired from the IDF in 1964 and opened a Krav Maga club to civilians for self defence training. Krav Maga combines various martial arts like boxing, muay thai, wing chun, grappling and others. Krav Maga has evolved into civilized self-defence scenarios and now customizable for any situation. The popularity of Krav Maga has expanded with its effective and easy to learn principal. Krav Maga is recognized by Police, civilian and military groups around the world as very effective self-defence system.

    The style of Krav Maga is very aggressive and aimed at eliminating any attack or fight as quickly as possible.

    Counter attacking with effectiveness, striking vital and vulnerable areas and maintaining proper awareness are key elements with the concepts learned in Krav Maga self defence.