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    Krav Maga 18:30pm - 20:30pm18:30pm - 20:30pm18:30pm - 20:30pm9:30am - 11:30am
  • Private Classes, Corporate Events, and Fitness Classes can be booked on request.

  • The fundamental purpose for training in self defence Krav Maga is to prepare and equip you for any situation where your life might be in danger, this is our prime motivation. If your goals are set on becoming a fitter or perhaps a more confident individual, then that can also be accomplished while attending our classes.

    Anyone can learn Krav Maga, no matter what fitness level you are. Our training is non-threatening and for all intents and purposes great fun. We encourage kids to join in with combative training for proper motor learning skills in combative techniques as this will build confidence and help them to defend themselves against being bullied. The answer to how we can do this effectively is done by continues training that will develop your skill and confidence in self defence.

    Our approach is different as we are not focused on fine motor ability but rather constructing and developing our techniques to work with gross motor skills. Free flowing motion assists every individual to act with instinctive responses when thinking is limited under stressful circumstances.

    You will learn:

    1. Combative scenario training
    2. Ground work and defence
    3. All types of weapon defences
    4. Gun disarms
    5. Sparring
    6. Multiple attacks
    7. Mental training
    8. Continuous techniques training
    9. Hostage situation training
    10. Third person disarm and control
    11. Weapons training