• Do I have to be fit?

      No, our classes does involve some fitness training, but you will set your own pace. The movements that we teach are fairly easy and does not require fancy movements.

    • Am I not too old?

      No, if you are 100 years old and can still move then you can learn from Krav Maga.

    • Will I get injured?

      In most cases you will not get hurt as safety and injury free training throughout is our main concern and we do our best for you not to injure yourself. Some injuries could occur like minor sprains or you may hurt your fingers with disarms. But when we train, we emphasize the correct way to hold weapons.

    • How long does it take before I can defend myself?

      A few classes will do as Krav Maga relies on instinctive movements. However, it will require continuous training to develop speed and confidence. Attitude and hand combat skill continuous training will determine success.

    • Must I come 4 times a week?

      The more you can train the better for yourself. Commitment is easier to work with. But you can join any number of our scheduled classes.

    • Cost and gear, when do you have classes?
      • Our monthly charge is R420.00 per person & Family package R650 for 2 or more
      • Bring comfortable training gear
      • Pair of mma or boxing gloves and mouth guard (We stock some gloves if you don't have)
      • Skipping Rope
      • Check our training times here -  classes