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    Our desire for 2015 is to equip our students for self-protection. Let’s face it, the problem in South Africa and in general world circumstances forces us to stand firm and ready to defend ourselves. This will require a change in attitude and focus. We will unravel some information with my next article that will be follow-up in sequential order. More about this later…

    The number one problem today is the lack of skill and ability to defend and protect your loved ones and yourself. In South Africa, we have many security companies that will be ready to assist you when you are in need. However when we look at the increased crime and the aggravated robberies that so easily infiltrate our homes and streets, we become sitting ducks with the harsh reality that no one can truly help you but you yourself! Krav Maga strives in helping communities and individuals to overcome being physically attacked by a stronger and more powerful attacker or attackers.

    We realize the need for self-protection against crime and because of the rise in every day crime, it’s concluded that we cannot rely on others to protect us or keep us safe. It will take you as the potential victim to change your attitude and allow yourself to have an open mind that concedes to the possibility that you can protect yourself. It is not realistic to rely on a bodyguard service to protect you, at least not all the time. It’s your responsibility to become your own bodyguard!

    We provide the most effective training in Israeli close quarters combat, Krav Maga, and self-improvement programs to overcome brutal attacks. Our aim is set on prevention of any attacker getting his way and your survival. Our approach is directed to real life situations and surviving real life threats. Our strategies are built around a very important time frame: At the moment where you are being attacked or confronted with the possibility of losing your life where there is nobody to help you and therefore your survival is in your own hands. Our classes are built to help you avoid the physical attack in the first place and then to eliminate any threat that presents itself.