• I have read an article from Parymid Risk Advisory Services and find this very interesting.

    It is 2:30 at night and you and your family are asleep at your home. You wake up for some reason and switch on the bedside light and see three men in your bedroom wearing balaclavas. They are all wielding handguns and show you to keep quiet…

    1. Introduction
    Regardless of where you are, on a farm or in a security complex, the scenario described above is reported every day in newspapers and it can happen to anybody at any time. The risk is to be found in the effect of uncertainty about our survival. Effect in this sense is a deviation from the expected and could either have a negative or a positive twist. Uncertainty lies in the lack of knowledge or information and in this series I am going to discuss those issues that may help us to better understand the dynamics of crime and specifically – an attack.”

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